A Carrion call to support Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership of the British Labour Party by Donovan Reynolds Independent writer.


In recent times, many British people have been lied to by the Blairite Members of Parliament within the Labour party; they have colluded with the Right–wing press to delude us unto believing that the Labour party cannot win with Jeremy Corbyn as its Leader.  The statistics bear testament to the fact the membership of the Party has exponentially increased under his Leadership making the Labour party the biggest Democratic organisation in Western Europe. Another fact is that, under Corbyn’s leadership, the Party has won the London Mayoral elections and has been successful in two by-elections that it has contested.

The Blairites are on a surreptitious campaign to deceive British people that Members of Momentum are Trotskyites and Political crackpots trying to destabilise the Labour Party.  The opposite is true; we are a progressive set of British people who are determined to shake up the cosy arrangement between big business, the media and the Right-wing Political establishment class.  We are determined to being back equity and fairness of opportunity to disenfranchised British people who are stymied by a Right-wing Political agenda that mitigates against us.  It may mean that in the process, in order to create a fairer Labour party we will be forced to deselect those MPs who are not acting in our best interests and replace them with more progressive Candidates. The ideal situation is a unified Labour Party with genuine congruence between the membership and the representative in Parliament.  This has been a very difficult confluence as a result of stubborn behaviour of the Rupert Murdoch/Ted Turner/Blairite/Tag-teams who continue to snub the overtures of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Right-wing press have a way of conniving with the truth. You will recall how they bamboozled us into believing that it was the right thing to exit Europe.  It was the same Blairites who convinced us to enter into war with Iraq on a lying pretext that had devastating consequences. Jeremy Corbyn may not have a vibrant personality but his heart and principles are in the right place.  Politics needs to take a practical and decent turn for the better as currently it is much about spin, selfishness and false promises.  Corbyn is a practical man who doesn’t believe that billions should be spent  on Trident (nuclear arms).  Instead, he believes on a peaceful society where the money is better spent on health and education. Surely, you cannot be a soft unelectable Leader if you don’t believe in investing in a nuclear arms programme that we may never use.

The Right-wing press is a massive manipulative mind-machine that continues to coral us towards their own personal agendas. One of their ideas is that Corbyn is boring, unelectable and does not have leadership qualities.  One of the attributes of a great leader is a majoritarian approach towards its membership; Corbyn understands this.  It is for this reason, following the Brexit referendum when he was asked to step down that he said, “MPs need to respect the democracy of our party and the views of Labour’s membership”.  On the basis of this statement could you conclude that Jeremy Corbyn is a weak leader?  A strong leader stands up for the membership of his Party, conversely a weak leader gives in to the wishes of self-serving Blairite MPs.

Let us examine two primary examples of Politicians served up to us by the Right-wing press: the mealy-mouthed Tony Blair led us down the path of war based upon a lie of weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein did not have.  The result was the loss of  a million lives and increase in global terrorism.  More recently, the slick and well-presented David Cameron, in order to secure a second term in office, offered the British people a referendum that resulted in our exit and alienation from Europe. The choice of a decent Leader for us is stark: simply put, it is a choice between Politicians who appear eloquent and slick versus those Politicians who are less media-savvy but have the interests of the general public at heart.

History is replete with examples of anti-heroes who have been written off by the Establishment then returning to claim victory in a magnanimous way.  Three decades ago, who could have imagined that Barak Obama could be the President of the USA? Consider Andrew Holness . . . the Jamaican PM survived several attempts by his colleagues in Parliament to oust him as Leader;  the media convinced everybody that he could not win a General election.  When the results arrived, the Establishment, including Holness himself,  were stunned, so that he was at a loss for words at the victory podium. President Nixon’s election victory in 1968 stunned the American electorate.  The 2000 election that brought George Bush to power was narrowly decided by voters in Florida.  Jeremy Corbyn, going into the next election is in a much better position than all these examples; let us remember that he holds the Leadership of the biggest Democratic Party in all of Europe.  In case you have any doubts, the membership is still rising: more than 500,000 people are now members of the Labour Party, according to figures confirmed 17th July 2016..This includes an astonishing rise of around 128,000 in the fortnight since the EU referendum, bring the total number of members to 515,000. That’s more than double the 200,000 members the party had on general election day last year.   Don’t be duped by a lying, conniving Right-wing press whose sole focus is to manipulate us into the arms of the power-hungry Blairites who have much in common with them.

This is why Kingston-Mouth fully support Jeremy Corbyn; we call on all rational thinking British people to cut through the lies spouted by the Right-wing press and the self-interested Blairites who are mainly concerned with pandering to the Right.  Politics is not a beauty contest; it is about making decisions that improve the lives of aspirational working people.  Isn’t it ironic that we elect Members of Parliament to speak on our behalf  in the House of Representatives  and when they get there they spout on behalf of themselves and criticise the general membership?  They have even gone as far as to facetiously suggest that the entire membership should not take part in the leadership election.  We did not elect Blairites to hold the Party to ransom.  We elected to pursue a progressive agenda that would claim the Left-Centre ground of British Politics; this is the strategy we believe will lead us to victory in the next General Election.

This article was written by Donovan Reynolds CEO and edited by Ann Smith Managing editor of Kingstonmouth.com. Donovan Reynolds is an Independent blogger and Human Right’s Activist of Jamaican descent and a legal Academic who has an interest in Human Rights, Culture and International Development issues. Readers of this article are welcome to provide feedback at the space provided at the end of this article ar at dannygerm63@hotmail.co.uk useful commentary made on our Facebook and Kingsonmouth@twitter pages.

Donovan Reynolds is an Independent Blogger and Human Rights Activists who is of a Jamaican descent and a legal academic that has an interest in Human Rights, Culture and International Development Issues.
Donovan Reynolds CEO and edited by Ann Smith Managing Editor of Kingston-Mouth .com.
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Donovan Reynolds is an Independent Blogger and Human Rights Activists who is of a Jamaican descent and a legal academic that has an interest in Human Rights, Culture and International Development Issues. Donovan Reynolds CEO and edited by Ann Smith Managing Editor of Kingston-Mouth .com.

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