Donald Trump versus Hilary Clinton : Can sickness or spin determine the outcome of the US Presidential race? By Donovan Reynolds Independent Writer.


Politics in the USA  recently received a jolt with the revelation of the Democratic candidate and former First ladies diagnosis of pneumonia; we have witnessed images of Mrs Clinton at a public function in New York commemorating 9/11 anniversary, being bundled off to her limousine by her minders. Scenes of Hilary dangling at her waist and losing one of her shoes in the process.  She was carefully shoved in a limousine and carted off to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment in New York to recover, were indeed a worrying spectacle. The States of the Nation project is a Reuters/Ipsos election tracking poll conducted in the US, based on a weekly tracking canvass of more than 15,000 Americans. It shows that the 2016 presidential race could end in a close nail-biting finish on Nov. 8, with Hilary Clinton & Donald Trump running nearly even in the Electoral College,the authority that ultimately selects the President.

With less than sixty days before the US Presidential election and a final debate with Republican nominee Donald Trump, this must be a worrying situation for the Democrats. The last two weeks on the campaign trail has been difficult for the former first Lady. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been at his nastiest best on the campaign trail, stirring up doubts about Hilary’s health, fitness and stamina to serve as president. Despite his vicious rants he still has a Twitter following of 11 million supporters and boasts a core following of 50 million Americans. How cringe-worthy.

Hilary was seen in public last week, scaremongering about a dubious Russian plot to hack into the US electoral data base in order to prevent her from becoming the next American President. The suggestion that Putin is remotely interested in the outcome of the US election is complete bollocks! This sounds more like a chat up line in a dodgy 1970s sitcom. In addition, she ventured into a no go area by accusing fifty per cent of Donald Trump’s supporters of being a ‘basket of deplorables’. This comment was made at a LGBT fundraiser where she accused Trump’s supporters of being racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamaphobic. Her tongue in cheek comment drew criticisms from the right wing press who accused her of breaking a sacred convention, attacking the voting public instead of her political opposition. This flurry of criticism forced her to offer a half- hearted apology.

On the Foreign policy side of the equation, her boss President Obama looked less than impressive on his arrival at the G20 Hangzhou summit in China. He stepped out of his aircraft without a red carpet welcome by the Chinese government. The sulk could hardly wear off President Obama’s face when he was greeted with the news that members of his official delegation were roughed up by low-level Chinese security who feistily moved on the US journalists who had accompanied him. A Chinese official shouted at a White House staffer, “This is our country! This is our airport!” How embarrassing! As if that wasn’t enough, news came from the associated press that Susan Rice was treated like a rejected and unrecognizable member of the Pussycat Dolls gate-crashing a pop concert by security at the same airport. She was prevented from boarding a car with Obama at the airport as Chinese security did not know who she was.

Russian tv and American Right-wing press made a meal of the Democratic President’s woes at the G20 summit; they spouted disingenuously that these incidents were evidence of American exceptionalism waning on the world’s stage, they laughed at the fact that Obama had gone to the summit to isolate President Putin and this backfired, they harped on the fact that Us President was only able to secure two important meetings with other Heads of State while President Putin was the darling of the summit. He was able to secure about twelve meetings with some of the world’s influential leaders. Yet they ignore the fact that as an outgoing President of the US he had one of the highest approval ratings, which might be an asset to a wobbly and sick Hilary Clinton on the campaign trail. Perhaps Obamas current high popularity ratings among Americans together with Bill Clinton can reclaim and increase support for the ailing Hillary Clinton who need a quick positive poll ratings that can boost her chances of winning the upcoming presidential elections.

The speculative argument is being banded about by media operatives that for the first time in American history they may have to put forward a replacement candidate with sixty days to go before the election. This is not a remote possibility but seems to be an overreacting suggestion when you take into consideration that the Clinton’s live in a country where they have the best medical resources available to them. At the moment, it appears that Hilary has mended sufficiently to participate in the final television debates.

Having said that, I can’t remember a time in modern American history where the two candidates have polarised public opinion so much; Hilary Clinton’s illness has created an added difficult turn of events for the electorate. The idea that Donald Trump could become the next President of the US will be a dog biscuit moment in the history of world politics. We at Kingstonmouth believe that Hilary is the better of two evils on offer to the American electorate; we have not concealed the fact that we are unhappy with her corporate connections and her infamous dealings with the Clinton foundation. In her absence, her husband former President Bill Clinton, will have to hit the campaign trail and fundraising circuit. Surely this is not a time for old Bill to comfort her at her bedside with antibiotics and a back rub. President Obama and Bill Clinton are the most likeable Political leaders in American modern history. Difficult times call for extraordinary measures. It is our belief that if both political leaders join the campaign trail in a more engaging way -they will be able to wear down Donald Trump like a burnt crisp before the end of the next sixty days.

Hilary Clinton and her supporters may breath a sigh of relief that the national September 9-15th Reters/Ipso s tracking poll showed that 42 percent of likely voters supported Clinton while 38 percent backed Trump. Clinton, who has mostly led Trump in the poll since the Democratic and Republican national conventions ended in July, retrieved the advantage this week after her lead briefly faded in late August.

This positive result came on the back of a four day respite from campaigning and a return on Thursday last to the podium in North Carolina dancing to James Brown “ I feel good”. But we at Kingston-Mouth will be waltzing cautiously optimistic to the Beatles” Long and Winding Road” as seven weeks is a long time in politics. One thing is certain, between now and then a lot of nasty things will be said in the murky road of US ‘spin to win’ politics.

This article was written by Donovan Reynolds, CEO of and an independent writer. Readers of this article are welcome to provide feedback at the space provided at the end of this article or at useful commentary made on our Facebook and Kingstonmouth@twitter pages.

Donovan Reynolds is an Independent Blogger and Human Rights Activists who is of a Jamaican descent and a legal academic that has an interest in Human Rights, Culture and International Development Issues.
Donovan Reynolds CEO and edited by Ann Smith Managing Editor of Kingston-Mouth .com.
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Donovan Reynolds is an Independent Blogger and Human Rights Activists who is of a Jamaican descent and a legal academic that has an interest in Human Rights, Culture and International Development Issues. Donovan Reynolds CEO and edited by Ann Smith Managing Editor of Kingston-Mouth .com.

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